Why Pressure Wash Your Driveway Before Selling Your House

15 May 2019
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There are always a few jobs you need to do inside and outside your home before you put it up for sale. In some cases, you just need to make sure that your home and garden are neat and tidy enough to make a good impression.

However, it can be easy to forget the impression that other outside areas of your home have on prospective buyers. Even your driveway can affect offers and sales. So, before you put your home on the market, take a look at the condition of your driveway and consider having it pressure washed. What are the benefits?

Maximise Positive Impressions

You may not notice your driveway that much now. It's just the path you use to drive up to your home. On a level, you may know that your drive needs a clean, but you've got used to the way it looks, so this doesn't feel like a priority. However, any buyers that come to view your home will see your driveway for the first time. A driveway that is full of moss or oil and grease stains doesn't look good.

While this may seem like small stuff, it can affect a buyer's perception of your home. A badly-maintained driveway may reduce the positivity that buyers feel when they come for a viewing. If the first thing they see is a dirty driveway that is covered in slippery moss, then their first impression will be negative.

If you have your driveway pressure washed, then you get rid of residual dirt, stains and plant growth. Prospective buyers may not even notice it now, and, if they do, their impressions will be positive rather than negative.

Minimise Reduced Offers

A driveway that looks dirty or badly-maintained won't necessarily put people off buying your home in the long run; however, it might affect the offers they make. If a buyer puts your driveway on a list of jobs they need to fix when they buy the property, then it could affect how much they are willing to pay.

For example, a potential buyer may not realise that your driveway only needs a pressure clean to get it looking in good nick again. If the driveway is badly stained or discoloured, then they may think that they'll need a new drive. They may add this to any other jobs that need doing in your home and may put in a lower offer to compensate for their costs.

A professional pressure washing solves this problem. To find out more, contact cleaning companies with experience with pressure washing.