Why You Should Spot Dye Your School's Carpet Instead of Replacing It

24 September 2018
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It's not uncommon for school carpets to become bleached or stained in patches. Classrooms often have big windows that let in a lot of light, leading to faded carpet colours over time. Students can also be very messy, so it's impossible to completely avoid stains from food, paint, ink and more. One of the best ways to get your carpets looking good as new again is to have them spot dyed. Here's why it's a better choice for schools than carpet replacement.

It Won't Disrupt the School Day

One of the biggest benefits of carpet spot dyeing for schools is how quick it is. If you choose to have your carpeting replaced, it can take a long time to pull it up, clean or hardwood-cover the floorboards underneath, and then lay a new carpet over the top. This can disrupt the school day, forcing you to reschedule or relocate classes ā€” or even close the school in some cases.

Dyeing, on the other hand, takes very little time at all. With the process many companies use, the carpet doesn't even need to be pre-cleaned before dyeing. Only the stained or bleached areas will need to be spot dyed, reducing application time. Plus, you may be surprised to learn that you can walk on freshly-dyed carpet straight away. In most cases, you can get the dye applied before the school day begins so there's no disruption to lessons whatsoever.

It Won't Make a Dent in Your Budget

One reason why it's expensive to replace bleached or stained carpet is that it's hard to repair just one patch. In most cases, it's necessary replace more than just the affected area. If you have tiled carpet, you'll need to replace every tile that's damaged. For seamless carpets, you may need to remove a very large section if you wanted the finished result to look as good as new.

When it comes to carpet dyeing, it's very easy to spot dye the bleached or stained areas and leave the rest of the carpet intact. On top of that, the dye itself is far cheaper than a roll or tile of carpet. Opting for dyeing over replacing will save you a significant amount of money so you can put more of your school's budget towards important things like lesson materials and class trips.

It Will Last the Length of Your Carpet

Spot dyeing is particularly useful when it comes to getting rid of sun bleached patches because it prevents them from returning. If you replace a section of bleached carpet but don't block the sun from hitting that same area, you'll find yourself having to replace that section over and over again. Carpet dye, on the other hand, is colorfast and will last as long as your carpet does. This means that once that bleached spot is dyed, it won't get bleached again. And as with any school maintenance jobs, the less you have to repair your carpet, the more time and money you'll save.