Self-Cleaning Tips for Homeowners That Use Carpets

11 November 2016
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Unlike many other flooring types that will easily show when they are dirty, carpeting can conceal dust, mould, pet dander, pollen and other types of dirt until the buildup is too much to go unnoticed. Therefore, carpeting generally demands a higher level of upkeep to ensure it stays clean and looks good. Giving your home's carpeting a professional clean is always a good thing, but not giving the carpeting any attention until the next time the expert visits your home is certainly a bad idea.

To ensure your carpeting is well-cared for, make an effort to perform the following carpet cleaning tasks yourself between the calls a professional makes to your home.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming regularly with an upright vacuum cleaner equipped with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter will reduce the amount of dirt on your carpets but also ensure that any airborne dirt particles are removed from the indoor environment. Without the air filters, you may just be recirculating the particles throughout your home. If you have sizeable floor areas to clean, you may use a cylinder vacuum cleaner, which is suitable for vacuuming in larger homes. Concentrate your vacuuming on rooms that experience the most traffic such as kitchens and living rooms. Also, pay attention to areas near entrances to your home. This will prevent outside dirt and debris from tracking into other parts of the home.

Clean spills post-haste

Do not get into the habit of leaving beverage spills and other liquid spills on your carpeting with the intention of cleaning later on. They will trap more dirt and dust and leave behind a stain that is difficult to remove. Avoid ruthless cleaning because it can cause the stain to spread to other parts of your carpeting instead of removing it. So keep your carpets stain-free by wiping off any spills gently as soon as possible. To prevent cleaned stains from reappearing on your carpets after some time, soak up all of the moisture remaining on your carpeting by pressing a thick dry towel on the area cleaned up.

Clean pet droppings promptly

You love them, but your pets may turn your carpeting into a bathroom if they are not potty-trained. If pet droppings are left to stay on your carpets, they tend to disintegrate and get into the fibres of your carpets. This can leave nasty odours behind, especially if your companion animals spend a lot of time playing abd walking indoors. Remove any pet faeces immediately and use spray-cleaning products to make your carpets clean. Acting sooner rather than later will ensure your carpeting does not start developing unpleasant smells.