How a Cleaner University Environment Helps Students Learn

31 October 2016
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There are so many factors cited when it comes to helping students to learn—how much guided study time they need, how much reading they should do, and what type of learner they are. One element that isn't often mentioned is the cleanliness of their place of study, but this actually has a massive effect.

It been found that a cluttered environment hinders our ability to focus. Messy lecture rooms or libraries could be hurting more than just the image of your university - they'll also affect the quality of work student produce. Read on to find out exactly how a cleaner environment could help your students learn.

Clean windows provide a better view

The environment around us can be a big inspiration when it comes to creative courses like art and writing. If your art rooms have windows that are smudged, dirty, and hard to see out of, it's unlikely that students will be inspired any time soon. Clean, sparkling windows that provide a great view will be helpful no matter where your university is located. A view of a busy city street could inspire a gritty urban novel, while rolling hills and fields could provoke some beautiful paintings. In rooms where creative activities take place there is often more mess, so make sure the window cleaning schedule is adjusted accordingly.

Clean labs give better results

Carrying out practical experiments is one of the most important elements of many science degrees, and a clean lab is absolutely essential. Dirty equipment can affect the validity of results, which will hurt students' grades. An unclean lab may even pose a safety risk, and injured students could miss out on lessons, meaning they won't learn as much. Students should be taught how to clean up after their experiments during their lab induction, and should be supervised while doing so. Between lab groups, a competent member of staff should check all equipment for cleanliness, to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Clean environment is good for mental health

Mental health has become a massive concern in recent years, with many students suffering from anxiety and depression. While it's important to provide services like mentoring and counselling, a clean environment can also do wonders for mental health. Making sure that there are enough litter bins, that toilets and dining facilities are kept clean, and that lecture rooms are organized and tidy can go a long way towards improving the way students feel. Pupils who are healthy and happy will always find learning easier.