Tips On Steam Cleaning Your Kithen Wall Tiles

26 October 2016
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Traditionally, cleaning your kitchen tiles and grout meant lots of elbow grease and was a time-consuming job.  Kitchen tiles come in for a lot of punishment and can quickly become coated in grease that's deposited as you cook.  Airborne dust then sticks to the grease, creating an unpleasant, grubby residue on your tiles, which works its way into the grout.  Even wiping down the tiles every day won't get rid of all the grime, and too much vigorous scrubbing with harsh chemical cleaners eventually causes the grout to become damaged and cracked, meaning that you have to replace it.

But now you can get your tiles and grout sparkling clean with much less effort, and more hygienically, by using steam.  Here's how.

Cleaning with steam

Steam cleaning your tiles and grout should be done initially by a professional cleaning services firm so that you have a clean slate to start with, and thereafter you can do the job yourself.  The process works by directing jets of high temperature steam under high pressure at the surface to be cleaned.  This lifts away grease and dirt without the need for harsh chemicals or scrubbing and is therefore much less damaging for the grout.

You'll need the following:

  • small, domestic steam cleaning machine (you can hire one if you don't want to buy one immediately)
  • clean cloths
  • glass cleaner

Make sure that the steam cleaning machine you buy or hire is suitable for wall tiles as some are intended just for use on floors.

How to do the job:

The best way to tackle this job is to work on a small section of tiles at a time.  Remember to allow a few minutes between passes for the machine to build-up steam again.

  1. First of all, fill the water repository on the steamer.  Turn the machine on and allow it to come to the correct temperature; most steamers have a light that illuminates when the machine is ready to use.   
  2. Your machine will come with a number of different attachments.  Begin with the nozzle attachment, and use it to direct a jet of steam at the tiles and grout.  This loosens the gunk from the grout.  
  3. Now fix the nylon bristle attachment to the machine.  Working from the top down, pass the machine over the tiles slowly, applying gentle pressure on the attachment.  
  4. Change the attachment for the soft cloth one and repeat the process.  This will lift away all the residual dirt and grease.  
  5. Take a soft, clean cloth and wipe over the tiles to remove any lingering moisture.  
  6. Finish the job by spritzing the tiles with glass cleaner and buffing to a high shine with a soft, lint-free cloth.

You can use the power of steam to remove grease and dirt from your kitchen tiles and grout.  For more information on title and grout steam cleaning, have a chat with your local cleaning services contractor.