Three Window Cleaning Trends for High Rise Commercial Buildings

24 September 2021
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Modern high-rise commercial buildings are designed with beautiful glass windows, which also act as a façade. Keeping high-rise glass windows clean helps maintain a building's aesthetics; therefore, it is better to engage professional window cleaning services for excellent results. However, as high-rise buildings continue getting taller, it becomes challenging to clean glass windows at such heights. It is the reason professional cleaners must keep up with high-rise window cleaning trends.

Cleaning Drones and Robots — Drones and robots are becoming commonplace, and high-rise window cleaners can benefit from this. Notably, commercial window cleaners understand that working at height is dangerous; hence, they have robust safety measures to protect workers. However, as property developers continue to construct unprecedentedly tall buildings, hanging freely from skyscrapers requires nerves of steel. Drones eliminate the need for cleaners to rappel down high-rise windows and risk their lives. Instead, window cleaners can easily operate robotic or drone cleaners from the ground without necessarily scaling up the building. Moreover, automated window-cleaning systems improve speed and productivity because cleaners do not have to think about safety issues.

Abseiling — Traditionally, commercial window cleaners have relied on scaffolding and cherry pickers to clean high-rise windows. Unfortunately, scaffolding requires plenty of preparation time, not to mention that they disrupt foot traffic below. On the other hand, cherry pickers cover excess floor space, and their rental fees do not come cheap if you include a lift operator. Today, commercial window cleaners are turning to abseiling, a window cleaning technique ideal for high-rise buildings. Also known as rope access window cleaning, abseiling is a highly complex but cool technique convenient for any commercial property. Equipment for abseiling window cleaning is managed from the top of a building; hence, you do not have to leave tools on the ground, guaranteeing fewer disruptions.

Pure Water — Removing dirt from high-rise windows is the primary objective of any window cleaner. However, part of the process is to ensure that windowpanes are crystal-clear when the job is done. Sadly, achieving a clear glass window can be pretty challenging with tap water due to the numerous minerals that remain behind once a window is dry. Therefore, a cleaner must use soap to prevent mineral remnants on the glass. However, you do not have to worry about such issues if you use pure water. Filtering tap water removes all minerals and impurities and leaves glass crystal-clear once dry.

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