Tips to Choosing the Right Hull Cleaning Service Provider

12 February 2018
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The warm waters of the Northern parts of Australia offer the perfect environment for the growth of micro-organisms as well as barnacles on the underside of boats. Therefore, it is essential that boat owners leaving in these regions make boat cleaning a monthly affair, especially the bottom. With boat cleaning service being charged per foot, it is clear to see why most people prefer cleaning the underside of their boats on their own. However, the effort that goes into such cleaning cannot be overlooked. That is why seeking professional boat cleaning services is critical, but you need to choose the right service provider. This article highlights tips to selecting the right boat cleaning service.

Green Cleaning Products -- As much as you want the underside of your boat sparkling clean, it should not be done at the expense of marine life. If you use harsh cleaning products, then the pollutants threaten the existence of marine life, which beats the purpose of owning a boat in the first place. The first step to choosing the right cleaning professional is to make sure that the products they use are environmentally friendly. Do not be misled by vague terms like 'nontoxic detergent' on product packaging. Take your time and do your research on ingredients used in the cleaning exercise.

Diver Certification -- Cleaning the underside of a boat can be done on dry land or water. If your boat is docked on water, the cleaner should be a professional diver. The reason is that carrying out activities underwater requires some level of care because accidents do happen. Although there are divers that have learned the craft purely from experience, such divers are a risky bet since they lack any diving certification. Professional boat hull cleaners have the Occupational Diver Certification qualification from the Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme. Such accreditation offers assurance that cleaning personnel is insured and absolves you from any wrongdoing in the event of an accident. 

Describe Findings and Make Recommendations -- It is not enough for a boat cleaning service provider to clean a boat, get paid, pack and leave. Ideally, their work as professionals does not stop at that. A provider should be able to give and describe what they have found out during a cleaning process and follow that up with possible recommendations. For instance, during routine maintenance, you might forget to clean the livewell on several occasions. The reason this is common among boat owners is that a livewell is usually hidden from plain sight. A service provider should be able to point this out to you and give recommendations on how to approach livewell maintenance on a regular basis.