The Three Stages of Post-Construction Cleaning

14 November 2016
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Once a construction project is completed, a thorough clean is essential to make sure that the building is safe and ready to use. It should be free from construction debris, leftover materials, tools and dust. There are three stages of post-construction cleaning, and each stage must be carried out to ensure a perfectly finished building which complies with local health and safety regulations.

A builders clean is first - this is the initial, basic clean-up that should be carried out after all major works are completed. A sparkle clean is a light clean that takes care of any dust that may have accumulated while the building has not been in use, and a handover clean prepares the finished building for its final purpose.

Builders clean

Once the majority of work has been completed on your construction project, you should arrange for a builders clean. This removes the large amounts of dust and debris that may have built up during construction, and gets the building ready for the final finishing touches. Once the builders clean is complete, you'll be free to take care of any snagging. If the snagging process creates more dust and dirt, then a 're-clean' may be necessary. This is similar to a builders clean, but takes less time to complete. At the end of the process, your building will be basically clean, but not quite ready to be handed over to the client.

Sparkle clean

It's likely that while your building is left empty following the builders clean, additional dust and deposits will build up. A sparkle clean thoroughly removes these thin layers of dirt and gets the building looking close to perfect. At the end of a sparkle clean, the area should be almost 100% ready for use, with no sign that it was a building site just a few days ago. All snagging should be completed by the time you arrange for a sparkle clean, to ensure new deposits won't appear. All walls, floors, ceilings and nooks and crannies will be covered by a sparkle clean, so no hidden dust will be left behind.

Handover clean

The handover clean should take place just before the end-user is ready to enter the building. It will focus on creating a completely flawless finish that highlights the work you have done. As well as all building surfaces, the handover clean will cover fixtures and fittings. This ensures that taps will sparkling, work surfaces will be polished, and the building will be completely ready to be enjoyed by your client.