A Clean Office is a Productive Office

11 November 2016
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If your company is fortunate enough to have its own professional office cleaners you'll appreciate the benefits of a tidy hygienic working environment. However, if you aren't able to employ independent office cleaners or they are unable to work everyday, there are a few office-cleaning hacks you can employ to improve the health of your workers, recycle waste goods and increase productivity. 

Office Cleaning Kit

An office-cleaning kit that can be used by office employees will help to reduce odours and stains caused by split beverages and food. It should be located somewhere where everyone has access to it, and come with some cleaning instructions to ensure people use the cleaning products effectively. Whilst you can't expect your employees to double-up as cleaners, at least they have the option to attack spillages and treat them, instead of just leaving them to dry for prolonged periods of time, which could mean costly replacement carpets. Try to include things like rubber gloves, disposable aprons, all-purpose cleaners, carpet spray, jay cloths and absorbent pads. 

Anti-Bacterial Spray

In an office where there are lots of people working in close proximity, there will always be the risk of viral contamination. One of the most unhygienic pieces of office equipment is the keyboard, which has the potential to harbour harmful bacteria. Encourage people to sanitise their new work spaces and make anti-bacterial spray and alcohol wipes readily available for people should they choose to do some spring cleaning. Killing of viruses and bactera, which are easily transmitted amongst colleagues, could help to reduce the amount of sick days taken therefore increasing productivity in the workplace. Giving workers access to tissues during the winter months could also help with this, allowing them to catch cold viruses and bin them. 

Recycling Bins

Recycling is something that every company should try to accommodate in a bid to support the Australian Government's Department for the Environment and Energy, and their plan to reduce commercial waste. To increase recycling in the workplace provide a variety of recycling bins for paper and card, glass, cans and plastic. These can be placed around the office in easy reach of employees and should have lids on them to ensure that any food or beverage residue doesn't release unnecessary odours. Not only will this improve your waste to recycling ratio, it'll also minimise the amount of waste being thrown into the organic waste bins, thus avoiding overflowing, which can attract small insects and pests.