Factors to Consider When Selecting Carpet Cleaning Products and Techniques

27 October 2016
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You can reduce the frequency of calling professional carpet cleaners to your home by taking on most of the carpet cleaning tasks. This article discusses some of the factors that you should bear in mind when you are selecting the different products and techniques that you will use when cleaning your carpets.

Your Posture

Make sure that the equipment or products that you purchase don't require you to maintain a posture that will leave you very tired and sore after you have completed the carpet cleaning tasks. Only buy equipment that you will be able to use when you are upright. Such equipment will give you a degree of comfort, and you will be able to work for extended durations without feeling the need to give up due to body pains caused by poor posture.

Drying Time

Some of the carpet cleaning activities, such as stain removal, may require you to use water. Make sure that you use products and techniques that will allow the carpets to dry fully soon after you have completed cleaning them. For instance, you can opt for steam cleaning so that you limit how much moisture your carpets are exposed to. This will reduce the likelihood that mould will grow on those carpets due to the trapped moisture.

Microscopic Biological Matter

Carpets can look clean while posing a serious threat to the health of your family. This is because such carpets may be teeming with germs even if they appear to be clean when you view them with a naked eye. It is imperative that you select cleaning products and techniques that will kill any germs that are present in your carpets. Those products may include disinfectants. The use of such products will ensure that the air inside your home remains free from any germs that can trigger respiratory or other health complications.


Some of the carpet cleaning products may introduce toxic fumes or residues into your home. This is particularly possible with chemical cleaning products. Assess the ingredients of each cleaning product before you buy it for use in your home. Opt for eco-friendly products so that you reduce the likelihood of using products that may harm you during or after using them. For instance, chemical cleaners may cause your skin to itch severely once they accidentally spill on exposed skin.

Use the tips above to ensure that your carpets remain clean without causing you to spend excessively on carpet cleaning. It is also advisable to invite carpet cleaning professionals to clean your carpets thoroughly at least once a year. Those experts will use the best equipment available to extract all the dirt that your equipment failed to extract.