3 Vital Tips for Rubbish Chute Maintenance and Safe Use

21 October 2016
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If you live in a high-rise building, you know that rubbish chutes are the best invention since sliced bread. Rubbish chutes will save tenants time needed to take their garbage to the ground floor manually. When working on home remodeling projects, a rubbish chute can be a lifesaver because you will channel all debris generated down the chute into a rubbish bin down below.  However, the chute will need regular cleaning and maintenance to last longer and prevent foul odor. Here are a few helpful tips for the safe use and maintenance of rubbish bins.

Clean It Regularly — If the garbage chute remains uncleaned for long, the foul smell can be a public nuisance to the tenants because it may make the living space uninhabitable. The reason for the smell is the build-up of bacteria from organic waste.  Apart from the odor, the bacteria can attract pests in the chute, leading to a full-blown infestation in the apartment building. Hire a professional cleaning company that has an excellent record of accomplishment in cleaning residential and commercial garbage chutes. The expert will use high-pressure cleaning equipment to rid the rubbish chute of any dirt and smell. Moreover, the cleaning entails the use of a degreasing agent that can remove oils and grease. For bacteria removal, use a commercial sanitizer. Ensure that you schedule the cleaning of the chute at least after every five months.

Teach Your Tenants — Sometimes, cleaning the chute without addressing the root cause of the problem is counterproductive. Sensitize your tenants about effective waste disposal methods such as putting their garbage in a waterproof bag to prevent leakage. If the tenants understand that improper disposal will lead to pest infestation and bad smell in the apartment, they will be obliged to act accordingly. During construction, notify all tenants to beware of heavy objects that will be going down the chute. This move prevents potential accidents, especially involving inquisitive children. Tenants should be reminded to lock the chute for the safety of their children.

Don't Put Some Things Down the Chute — Tenants should know that they would have to make the long trip downstairs to dispose of some types of waste. Hazardous materials like lead paint and asbestos should never be disposed of through the rubbish chute. Oil and grease can cause a fire hazard in the chute, which can spread quickly to adjacent apartments. Avoid disposing of waste such as large electronic appliances that can jam the chute. Further, corrosive materials such as acids should never go down the garbage chute.    

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